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Noosa Natural Chocolate Company is a family-owned business based in the gorgeous Sunshine Coast, Australia. The Company was founded back in 2008 with the vision of providing delicious chocolate-covered snacks that are also naturally good for you.

Originally from South Africa, Christo and I met when we were both very young and studying Hospitality Management. We share a love of travel and whilst were living in Switzerland we quickly developed a consuming love for fantastic cheese, chocolate and fine French Wine.

For a couple of years, we continued to work within the hospitality industry throughout South Africa and the USA. We invested in a deli/coffee shop, and ran it successfully, however, the need arose for us to take over the family business, leading to the close of our beloved deli and forcing us to our focus on our Property Management business.

Christo and I got married in 2010 after having dated for 7 years – it was finally time! The next 5 years were filled with loving our life, running a family business all whilst struggling to start a family.

In 2015 we fell pregnant with our beautiful daughter and sometime later we were given the exciting opportunity to move to Australia. We had to do some deep soul searching, but we eventually decided to be brave, take the leap and head off on our next adventure.

We settled into the Australian way of life in Darwin for 3 years, and in 2018 we were blessed with the arrival of our son Carter and believe it or not - we began entertaining the idea of moving…again!

Since purchasing Noosa Natural Chocolate Company we have not looked back! We love that we have come full circle and been able to return to our passion, not only in the food industry but also in the fact that it revolves around our beloved chocolate – how lucky are we?

Noosa Natural Chocolate Company uses only the finest ingredients in all of our Gluten-Free premium chocolate products. Delicious snacks that are filled with real fruit and packed with anti-oxidants then coated in dark, milk or white chocolate. With so many varieties available, you know what that means right? There is something for everyone!