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What Our Customers Say About Our Products & Service

 "I ordered 15 bags of the delicious chocolate cherries late Tuesday afternoon and was expecting them tomorrow or - god forbid - Monday, but they arrived this morning! It was an awesome surprise, thank you so much for your efficient business manner! I have been promoting your products to everyone I know because they are so delicious and a healthy alternative, I have done away with all other chocolate they are just that good! Thanks again!"

      - Brie


"I purchased my first product from you - dark chocolate covered blueberries - at the Brisbane airport in the "Beyond Brisbane" store. I think that was the best snack I've ever tasted. I can't wait to find your products near me. I'm hooked. Thank you!"

      - Sharon 

"I had bought the chocolate goji berries from a shop and loved them! Visiting your website, I was tempted to try some others as a special treat. My family will look forward to trying the blueberries and cranberries too!  All the best."

     - Jan


"Our recent order arrived very promptly (as usual).  We always share your wonderful chocolates with family and friends and the result is always the same: wonderful enthusiasm!"

      - Diane

"I just bought a big bag of the dark choc organic gojis from Healthy Life at Burnside Village in SA and they are AMAZING!!!  Thank you!"

      - Holly

"The order has arrived in record time! I cannot remember receiving such prompt and efficient service!"

      - Steve   

"Hi there just wanted to say I've discovered your treats this last year from my local IGA in Dianella, Perth. I adore the coated ginger and goji berries the BEST! :) Thankyou!"

     - Jana


"My wife made a gift to me of your Premium Dark Chocolate Cranberries - what a delight; absolutely superb!  I look forward to seeing more of your range on the shelves here in WA.  Well done, whoever conceived this idea!"
    - Nigel


"My sister got a packet of the white chocolate strawberries.  I just tried one and nearly died, it was soooo good!  I had to jump on here to stock up.  I can't wait to receive my order!! :-)"

    - Madeline